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Brazil is a country full of many intelligent individuals with the strength to fight harder and harder to pursue their dreams. However, we know that, unfortunately, not everyone can access the best means to achieve their dreams. O Young Apprentice 2023 was developed precisely to alleviate this inequality in preparing individuals for the job market.

Government initiatives aimed at reducing social inequality are very important, so much so that we are seeing social benefits in the media more and more frequently. After all, I believe that you have already read information in detail about well-known programs such as Brazil Aid (Bolsa Família) It is Basic Basket Aid. Young Apprentice 2023 is another of these initiatives.

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This article will contain information regarding what the Young Apprentice 2023 is, its rules and basic information. In addition, you will also be able to access some institutions that have vacancies in this modality. Therefore, read all the information in this article carefully.

What is Young Apprentice?

Let's talk in more detail about Jovem Aprendiz 2023 so that you know, theoretically, what the initiative is about. We have already talked about means of be able to access films and series for free, as well as getting watch sports on your cell phoneHowever, having access to information that can guarantee you a better future can be fundamental in your process.

The Young Apprentice initiative is a social and educational program whose primary aim is to facilitate the entry of young people, aged between 14 and 24, into the job market. Through an innovative approach, the program combines traditional educational training with practical experience in a work environment, enabling participants not only to acquire theoretical knowledge, but also to concretely apply these skills in a real work context.

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The program's methodology generally involves dividing young people's time between regular school activities and practical experience at partner companies. In this way, they have the opportunity to develop technical and behavioral skills, while at the same time receiving remuneration for the work performed. Furthermore, the Young Apprentice seeks to provide a gradual immersion in the professional world, preparing participants for the challenges and demands of the world of work.

By establishing this bridge between formal education and professional practice, the Young Apprentice initiative not only contributes to the socioeconomic inclusion of young people, but also fosters their self-confidence, autonomy and personal development. Through access to employment opportunities, training and professional growth, participants benefit not only in the short term, but also throughout their professional trajectories, thus promoting greater equity and dynamism in the job market.

Young Apprentice Rules 2023

In the text block expressed above, you were able to read some points that are precisely rules for being able to join the Jovem Aprendiz 2023 program. However, we are going to separate a block just to describe these rules so that you know in detail whether or not you can join the program.

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The Young Apprentice program is an initiative from the Federal Government that aims to promote the integration of young people into the job market, which is so competitive today, through a special apprenticeship contract. The program is regulated by Law No. 10,097/2000, which establishes the rules and rights of young apprentices and hiring companies, which we will detail below.

In April 2023, the Federal Government published decree nº 11,479/2023, which changed some rules for hiring young apprentices. It is interesting that you keep in mind what the main changes were if you want to apply for a Young Apprentice 2023 vacancy. Therefore, pay attention to the rules.

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The age limit for becoming a young apprentice is now up to 24 years old, regardless of educational status. Until then, the limit was up to 29 years old for young people who were attending high school or youth and adult education (EJA).

The maximum term of the apprenticeship contract is now two years, except for young people with disabilities, who can have the contract extended indefinitely. Previously, the maximum term was four years.

The young apprentice's working day is now limited to six hours a day, reaching eight hours only if the young person has completed primary education and if the extra hours are allocated to professional training. Previously, the working day could be up to ten hours a day, including training hours.

The objective of these changes is to expand opportunities for professional qualification and entry into the job market for young people, especially those in socially vulnerable situations. Furthermore, the new rules aim to guarantee the protection of the labor and social security rights of young apprentices, as well as to prevent the exploitation of youth labor.

To participate in the Young Apprentice 2023 program, young people must meet the following requirements:

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  1. Be between 14 and 24 years old, except for young people with disabilities, who have no age limit.
  2. Be enrolled and attending school, if you have not completed high school.
  3. Be available to work between four and six hours per day, in accordance with legislation and the contract.
  4. Be enrolled in a learning program offered by a qualified entity, such as national learning services (Senai, Senac, Senar, Senat and Sescoop), technical education schools, non-profit entities that work to assist adolescents and professional education or sports entities affiliated to the National Sports System.

Companies that hire young apprentices must comply with the following obligations:

  1. Reserve between 5% and 15% of the existing vacancies in each establishment for young apprentices, considering the functions that require professional training.
  2. Ensure that young apprentices receive theoretical and practical training compatible with their physical, moral and psychological development.
  3. Pay the young apprentice the minimum hourly wage or the minimum wage for the professional category, if applicable.

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  1. Ensure the young apprentice has all the labor and social security rights provided for in the legislation, such as formal employment, vacations, 13th salary, FGTS, transportation vouchers and paid weekly rest.
  2. Allow young apprentices to combine work with studies, respecting school schedules and training activities.

The Young Apprentice program is an opportunity for young people to start their professional career with qualifications and experience. Furthermore, it is a way for companies to contribute to the training of new talents and fulfill their social function. Therefore, it is important to know the rules of the program and apply for available vacancies.

Best companies to apply to

There are several companies that support the Jovem Aprendiz 2023 program. However, we know that there are those companies that are preferred precisely because they are able to provide a more pleasant and beneficial experience for participants in the initiative. Therefore, it is these companies that we will highlight throughout this article. 

However, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are several companies that are willing to hire and teach young people through the Jovem Aprendiz 2023 program. Therefore, do not limit your opportunities to just the projects that I will mention below. After all, perhaps the best opportunity for your specific case is at another company.


You Mail are a federal public company that provides postal, logistics, banking and communication services throughout Brazil. The company has a long history of more than 350 years and is recognized for its quality, trust and social responsibility. Correios offers several job opportunities for young people who want to enter the job market and qualify professionally. One of them is the Jovem Aprendiz 2023 program.

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The Correios Young Apprentice 2023 program is aimed at students aged 14 to 22 who are studying at least the 6th year of primary education. The program lasts 12 months and offers 4,382 vacancies across the country, distributed in different areas of Correios' activity, such as customer service, administrative, operational and logistics. The selected young people will receive a grant of R$ 490.83, in addition to transport vouchers, meal or food vouchers and a uniform. They will have a 20-hour work week, four hours a day, divided into theoretical activities (in an entity qualified in technical-professional training) and practical activities (at the Post Office).

To apply for the Correios Young Apprentice 2023 program, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have Brazilian or foreign nationality with a permanent visa;
  2. Be enrolled and attending school, if you have not completed high school;
  3. Not having been previously hired as a young apprentice by Correios and not having maintained an employment relationship with the company;
  4. Not have completed another learning course of the same duration or longer;
  5. Be available to complete the learning journey;
  6. Have basic notions of text editors, spreadsheets, navigation and internet research.

Registration for the Correios Young Apprentice 2023 program is free and must be made exclusively by internet, on the official website. When registering, the candidate must choose the location and shift option they wish to apply for. The selection process will consist of four stages: registration, verification of requirements, pre-admission medical examinations and hiring.

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Being a young apprentice at Correios is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start their professional career in a solid, respected company committed to the country's development. In addition to receiving a monthly salary, young apprentices will be entitled to:

  1. Practical learning in one of the largest Brazilian public companies;
  2. Ongoing theoretical training from SENAI (National Industrial Learning Service);
  3. Professional qualification certificate at the end of the program;
  4. Possibility of taking effect or participating in future Correios selection processes;
  5. Experience and knowledge that will enrich your CV and training.

If you are interested in participating in the Young Apprentice 2023 program through the program offered by Correios, then access the portal indicated in this block of texts to apply for one of the available vacancies.


If you want to work at Ambev, one of the largest beverage companies in Brazil, you can apply for a position in the Jovem Aprendiz 2023 program. This program is a great opportunity for you to learn in practice, gain experience and qualify for the job market. To apply, you need to follow a few steps:

First, you need to check whether you meet the program requirements. You must be between 14 and 24 years old, be enrolled and attending school (if you have not completed high school), not have previously been hired as a young apprentice by Ambev or another company, have basic computer skills and be available to fulfill the learning journey of 20 hours per week.

Second, you need to access the official Ambev website and click on “Work with us”. On the page that opens, select the “Apprentice” option in the left side menu. You will see a list of vacancies available for young apprentices in several cities in Brazil. Choose the one that best suits your profile and location and click “Apply”.

Third, you will be redirected to an online recruitment platform, where you will need to fill out a form with your personal, academic and professional details. You must also attach your updated resume and answer some questions about your interest in the position and the company. Remember to be honest and clear in your answers.

Fourth, after submitting your registration, you must wait for Ambev to contact you by phone or email. If you are selected for the next stage, you will be invited to a job interview and to participate in group dynamics. At this stage, you must demonstrate your skills, competencies and motivation to work for the company.

Fifth, if you pass the interview and dynamics, you will be called to undergo pre-employment medical examinations and to sign the employment contract. The contract will last 12 months and may be renewed for a further 12 months, depending on performance. You will receive a stipend of R$ 490.83, as well as transport vouchers, meal or food vouchers and a uniform. You will also be entitled to a professional qualification course at SENAI and a certificate at the end of the program.

These are the steps to apply for a place in Ambev's Young Apprentice 2023 program. I hope you enjoyed the information and feel motivated to participate in this selection process. Ambev is a company that values its employees and offers many opportunities for growth and development. Don't miss this chance to be part of this team and build a promising future.


Bradesco's Young Apprentice 2023 program is an opportunity for young people between 14 and 24 years old who wish to enter the job market and qualify professionally. To apply, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Bradesco website and click on the “Work with Us” option.
  2. Choose the Young Apprentice position and fill out the form with your personal, educational and professional details.
  3. Wait for contact from the bank to participate in the selection stages, which may include online tests, group dynamics and interviews.
  4. If approved, sign the learning contract and start the theoretical course and professional practice at Bradesco.

Bradesco's Young Apprentice 2023 program offers benefits such as stipends, transportation vouchers, meal vouchers, medical and dental assistance, life insurance and a certificate of completion. Furthermore, young apprentices have the chance to develop their skills, expand their network of contacts and grow in their banking career.

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