Application to play GTA on your cell phone for free!

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The GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most popular titles in the history of electronic games. Therefore, thousands of people want to know how to play the title directly from their cell phones.

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Therefore, we will answer your questions and introduce you to the application to play GTA directly from your cell phone, be it an Android device or an iPhone (i.e. iOS).

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We have already recommended several incredible apps on our platform, such as apps to watch football online. However, we talk little about the world of games. We are happy to talk about the application for playing GTA, considering that it is one of the most famous titles in the world and our readers can benefit from this fun.

application to play gta
(Reproduction: Rockstar Games)

We have already stated that the application is reliable and is being distributed by a reliable company. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that the application is safe and is being made available on both Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone).

Discover the application to play GTA on your cell phone!

GTA is a title traditionally for consoles (like PS5) and computers. Despite already having a long journey, as it was launched in 2004 by Rockstar Games, is still one of the most popular games in the world to this day. In fact, there are several lives with thousands of views on the game on Twitch It is YouTube Games.

However, many people are unable to play the title because they do not have a last generation console or their computers are not good enough for the game to run perfectly. Therefore, the application to play GTA fits perfectly in these cases.


You didn't read it wrong: Netflix is the best and safest way to play GTA on your mobile device. With so many platforms streaming competing in the entertainment market, Netflix has already realized that it is no longer enough to just make series and films available in its catalogue. Including, We have already presented some applications for watching films and series that do not charge a monthly fee.

GTA San Andreas
(Reproduction: Rockstar Games)

With this point in mind, Netflix understood that it would be necessary to invest in other ways so that its users understood that they could not live without their Netflix subscription. Therefore, the platform started making some games available to its subscribers.

GTA trilogy

Among the various games that Netflix makes available to its users, we must highlight the application for playing GTA as one of the most important. In fact, there is not just one app to play GTA, but three! After all, the company not only made GTA: San Andreas available, but also GTA: Vice City and GTA III.

gta app
(Reproduction: App Store)

Therefore, you can access any of the editions legally and safely. We will show you how to download each of the alternatives. If you want to install GTA: San Andreas, you can click here to download for Android, or click here to download to iPhone.

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But if you want to venture into GTA: Vice City, you can click here to download to your Android device, or click here to download to your iPhone. Finally, you can click here to download GTA III on your Android, or simply click here to download to your iPhone.

It is free?

Downloading the application to play GTA is completely free, in any of its editions. However, since it is a Netflix initiative, you need to be a subscriber to the streaming platform to be able to effectively access the game. It is worth remembering that this launch is a way for the platform to publicize and establish its signature.

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