Application to play GTA online: play on your cell phone!

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Cellular devices (both those with Android and iOS operating systems) have developed surprisingly and now support applications that seemed impossible a few years ago. This evident evolution made it possible for some applications to exist, such as an application to play GTA on your cell phone.

We have already brought many mobile application recommendations to our readers, including about apps to watch movies and series online. But today we're going to talk about how you can play one of the most famous titles in the world using your cell phone. I can tell you that you don't need to use a powerful cell phone to be able to play.

application to play gta
(Reproduction: Rockstar Games)
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If you are one of those people who are fans of the GTA title, then know that you will be able to have a fan-worthy experience when using the application to play GTA. Therefore, pay attention to all the information contained in this text to be able to use the application perfectly.

Do you already know GTA?

The truth is that I would be surprised if you claim that you don't know the title GTA. After all, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most famous electronic games in the world. In fact, a trailer for the new GTA release became one of the most watched videos on the video platform YouTube.

The GTA title is an electronic game naturally available for consoles (such as PS5) and computers. However, the Rockstar Games (which is responsible for developing GTA and other famous titles) does not develop game updates for mobile devices. But don't worry, the application to play GTA manages to promote an experience in which all fans will feel welcomed.

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O GTA San Andreas It is one of the most popular games in the franchise, being one of the main responsible for promoting the game on the world stage. Therefore, many lovers of games They were happy to know that there are ways to specifically play this version using your cell phone.

History of excellence 

The game was released in 2004 by the company Rockstar Games, which was also responsible for launching other famous titles, such as Red Dead, Bully and the famous game Midnight Club. However, we can agree that GTA remains one of the company's most popular titles to date.

gta san
(Reproduction: Rockstar Games)

GTA brought a combination of factors that made so many people fall in love with the game. For example, we can mention the moments of adventure and action as some of the main factors for the game to become one of the references worldwide. After all, people like these games to provide unique experiences.

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The open world feature was another decisive factor for the game to be considered so important. The game continues to develop this feature to deliver an even better-crafted version to its users. However, it already delivered a surprising open world for its time since its launch.


The GTA game application developed a representation of Southern California to contextualize the game. The name of the region was “San Andreas”. I'm sure that older players have a special affection for this name, considering that the GTA: San Andreas version has become one of the most special for thousands of fans.

(Reproduction: Rockstar Games)

The game's protagonist is named after Carl Johnson, but is also popularly known by the abbreviation CJ. The character's story was designed in a way in which he returned home after his mother's death. Therefore, your journey within the game aims to protect your family and gain control of the streets.


As already said in a previous block of texts, one of the positive points of the application for playing GTA is the game's open world feature. This way, you can adventure in many ways within the game. You can even go to completely random places that have no ties to missions, such as gyms or establishments for adult use.

In fact, talking about the missions, we can agree that the GTA game brought some of the most fun missions in the gaming world. Therefore, you can remember these fun moments when using the application to play GTA on your cell phone.


Currently, the soundtrack of a game is one of the most important points, just like in films and series. There was a time when soundtracks were not considered pillars of a game's success, but Rockstar Games has always been concerned with delivering an incredible soundtrack in GTA editions.

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After all, we know that we are all passionate about music. This way, GTA players felt even better about having access to the songs that were part of the game. In fact, you can have access to some of these songs in apps to listen to free music (click here and discover some of these apps).

How does the GTA play app work?

If you've been reading our platform for a while, then you know that we've already brought you a lot of app recommendations. We have already brought apps to watch football online even apps for you to save on your purchases. Therefore, we are a great platform when it comes to app recommendations.

gta app store
(Reproduction: App Store)

However, this is the first time we have recommended apps from the games category. Therefore, it is interesting to start our journey into the world of games with the application to play GTA, given the legacy that this title has.

The game is free!

The application to play GTA has been available in the main application stores (Google Play Store and App Store) for many years, but on a paid basis. This meant that many fans of the title did not have access to the game experience simply because they did not have the financial means to spend on a mobile game.

However, we are happy to announce that the application for playing GTA on your cell phone is available to use for free. However, there is a catch. We wrote an article especially to teach you how to download the app for free to play GTA. Click here to find out how to play.

Did you like the information?

This article was created to allow game lovers to know all the information about the application to play GTA. If you liked it, enjoy and click here to find out about apps to buy cheap airline tickets.