3 apps to watch free TV online!

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The means of entertainment are advancing rapidly, meaning that people have more and more options to watch free TV online. With this in mind, we will recommend the best applications for you to follow your favorite programs without having to pay for these alternatives. Pay close attention to each of the tips.

Applications to watch free TV online

Let's use this space to talk about which are the best apps for watching free TV online. We have already talked about what are the best apps to watch Formula 1 online (click here to find out what they are), but today we're going to give you great apps to watch series and movies for free.


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We cannot start an article about applications for watching free TV online without talking about one of the main references in this segment: the application PlutoTV. This application not only distributes its content for free, but also serves as a reference for several other applications, mainly because it manages to bring excellent quality content through a very well-built application.

watch free TV online
(Reproduction: Pluto TV)

The application works using a dynamic very similar to a subscription television service, in which you choose a channel and enjoy the entertainment offered by the programming pre-defined by the broadcaster. However, this is just one of the alternatives, considering that you can also check the catalog of on-demand productions.

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This means that in addition to having the channels, Pluto TV also allows you to watch productions on demand, that is, productions that you can watch whenever and wherever you want, similar to what platforms like Netflix It is Max offer.

Therefore, Pluto TV is a great alternative for watching free TV online. If you are interested, you can download the application to use on your cell phone. You can click here to download from the Google Play Store or click here to download from the App Store.


Alongside Pluto TV, VIX is one of the most popular platforms for watching free TV online. The application also became popular for providing its content for free, but without compromising the quality of that content. Therefore, there are thousands of people who follow series and films through VIX.

One of the productions that attracts the most attention among those who love the platform is the original production entitled Forever RBD, which is a tribute to fans of the soap opera Rebels (RBD), which has become an essential soap opera for thousands of fans. 

We also have titles that are made up of big stars. If you know Jason Mamoa by productions such as Game of Thrones or Aquaman, know that you can follow more stories starring the star through VIX, as in Danger on the Mountain, which is one of the works available free of charge on VIX.

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Furthermore, perhaps VIX is one of the best platforms to watch free TV online as it has interesting children's content, meaning that the whole family can enjoy the exciting content within the platform, meaning you don't need to search for other platforms. Unless you want to consume sporting events, but in this case, just click here to discover the ideal platform.

man watching his favorite movie tv
(CREDIT: Freepik)

If you liked VIX as your app to watch free TV online, know that it's also easy to download the app. For iPhone users, Just click here to download from the App Store. But if you use Android, Just click here to download directly from the Google Play Store.


O RuntimeTV is becoming one of the most popular recommendations when it comes to apps for watching free TV online. You may be wondering why so many platforms are suddenly recommending Runtime as such an ideal application for watching free TV online.

We have already brought platforms to follow sports with excellent broadcast quality, so we will recommend Runtime TV as an application capable of bringing great film productions.

watch free movies and series
(Reproduction: Freepik)

Many reviewers classified this application as one of the best for watching high-quality films, and of course, without paying anything for it. We know that many of you prefer to watch movies than series, so Runtime becomes a necessary recommendation.

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If you liked this alternative to watching films over the internet, know that you can download the application by clicking here, if you use Android. But if you are an iPhone user, don't worry, you can also download the app, just click here.

What is the best app?

All the apps for watching free TV online that were mentioned in this article are of great quality, so it will depend on what you expect from an app of this type. If you are without internet and want to use one of the apps, click here to learn how to discover Wi-Fi passwords without paying anything for it and enjoy all the apps recommended here.

Did you like the tips?

This article was written with the intention of providing you with the best possible experience using apps to watch free TV online. If you liked it, don't waste time and Click here to find out which apps can help you buy cheap airline ticketsAfter all, saving money is always a great idea.