3 apps to watch Flamengo games online!

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Football is one of the most interesting forms of entertainment ever seen. In fact, sport as a whole is full of emotions that make thousands of agoradesign.it people spend hours following the games. This way, we will show you how to watch Flamengo games through your cell phone, or even your smart TV.

There are several ways to consume entertainment. Some even look for films that are trending to be entertained. We are aware that films are some of the most popular forms of entertainment, so much so that We already wrote about a way to watch movies for free at the cinema.

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However, the reason why so many people are looking for ways to watch Flamengo games is that football is one of the great passions of Brazilians, causing many people to do really crazy things for their favorite team. Therefore, we will bring some great tips so you can watch games Flamengo without any major difficulties.

Find out how to watch Flamengo games 

If you are researching how to watch Flamengo games, there is probably something preventing you from watching in the traditional ways. Therefore, perhaps the applications available on the internet are great solutions for you to be able to watch Flamengo games without major difficulties.

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Let's mention some great apps so you can watch Flamengo games in the best way possible. Furthermore, we will show you how you can do the download of these apps through the Google Play Store and the App Store, just as we do in our other lists about apps. Enjoy!


Globoplay it is a video streaming app that offers content from Rede Globo and other partners, such as films, series, soap operas, documentaries and variety programs. You can also watch Flamengo games live on Globoplay, as long as you have a subscription to the service or the Premiere, which is the pay-per-view channel for Brazilian football. 

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To use Globoplay to watch Flamengo games, you need to download the app on your cell phone or smart TV, log in or register with Conta Globo, access the “Now” tab and choose the game you want to watch. You can see games from Brazilian championship, the Copa do Brasil and other competitions that Flamengo participates in. Globoplay is a great option for Flamengo fans who want to follow the team anywhere and with image and sound quality.

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However, there are also free ways for you to watch Flamengo games, as Globoplay also has a free version that can be consumed easily on any device. However, you will be limited to watching Globo's live programming.

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If you are interested in the app as a way to watch Flamengo games, then you can download the app via your cell phone. If you are a user of a device with an Android operating system (such as Xiaomi, Samsung or LG), you can download it from the app store Google Play Store. But if you use iPhone (iOS), you can download from App Store.


O MengoPlay is an application to watch Flamengo games for free and easily on your cell phone. It was created by a group of passionate fans of the club, who wanted to offer an alternative to cable TV and streaming services that charge a lot to broadcast the team's matches.

The app works simply: just download the app from your cell phone's app store, choose the game you want to watch and click the “Watch” button. The app will connect you to a high-quality live stream without any crashes or interruptions. You can watch Flamengo games anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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The MengoPlay app broadcasts all Flamengo games, including the Brazilian Championship, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and Estaduais. You can also follow the news about the team, see the goals and highlights of the games, check the league table and the calendar of upcoming games. Furthermore, you can interact with other Flamengo fans through the app's chat, share your opinion and support your favorite team.

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MengoPlay is an application made by Flamengo fans for Flamengo fans, who want to watch Flamengo games without paying anything and without complications. It's a way to support the club and feel closer to the team. If you are a fan of Flamengo, download MengoPlay and enjoy!


A FlaTV+ is the official streaming of the Flamengo regatta club, which offers fans the opportunity to watch the team's games live and exclusively. In addition, the platform also provides new content about the club's daily life, such as interviews, behind-the-scenes, training sessions and documentaries.

To access FlaTV+, you must subscribe to one of the available plans, which can be monthly or annual, and which vary according to the type of content you want to watch. You can choose between the basic plan, which only includes football games, the intermediate plan, which also includes basketball games, and the complete plan, which includes all games and exclusive content.

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FlaTV+ works simply: just download the app from your cell phone's app store, log in with your account and choose what you want to watch. You can watch Flamengo games anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can also watch the games on your TV, using a device like Chromecast or Apple TV.

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FlaTV+ is a way to feel closer to Flamengo, to follow all the club's details and to support the team financially. It is a platform made for fans who love Flamengo and who want access to exclusive, quality content.

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