Discover the best app to free up memory on your cell phone!

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cell phones (smartphones) are increasingly indispensable tools. Currently, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without a device with an Android or iOS operating system alongside. Therefore, almost all companies create apps for current cell phones. Therefore, it is important to know at least one application to free up memory.

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We know that the ideal is to purchase a cell phone with a really large storage to fit all the applications, but this is not always possible. To complement this, there are more and more applications, whether for watch series and films (click here to discover great free options) or even to follow sporting events, such as NBA or NFL.

This way, we're going to introduce you to some apps so you can choose at least one app to free up memory. Therefore, you will be able to eliminate useless files from your cell phone's storage, and thus, you will be able to use your device with greater peace of mind and without having to delete your favorite photos.

Application to free up memory

As you have already read throughout the article, we will dedicate our content today so that you can learn about a great application option to free up memory. Therefore, we will take the opportunity to indicate the links for download on official app platforms (Google Play Store It is App Store).


When we talk about an application to free up cell phone memory, we cannot fail to mention the famous application CCleaner. After all, this has been one of the main applications for this function for years. If you have been a cell phone user for many years, you may have heard about this application or seen an advertisement linked to the app on the internet.

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Applications for freeing up storage are often tied to operating systems. In other words, many are exclusive to Android or iOS, but CCleaner offers its services for both Android devices (via the Google Play Store) as well as for iOS devices (via the App Store). In other words, it is quite affordable.

(Reproduction: CCleaner)

The application will use an intelligent mechanism through algorithms that will remove some useless or even duplicate files that are stored on your cell phone. This way, it will also promote better optimization of your cell phone's RAM memory. In other words, it is really a highly recommended application.

Google Files 

It is normal for us to store applications of the most diverse types, such as apps to find out your baby's gender without leaving homeTherefore, our devices are full of files that end up limiting the space for essential activities or entertainment that are consumed on the cell phone.

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In this way, the presence of applications such as Google Files allows cell phone users to use their cell phone in an optimized way and, of course, it allows people to do the download of applications or even save more photos or videos on your cell phones.

google files
(Reproduction: Google)

Many users choose to use Google Files because it is an application developed by Google itself, a company linked to the Android operating system. In other words, we are talking about an application that has a guarantee of quality and security, which is extremely important when we think about choosing which applications we will use.

There are some devices with the Android operating system that already come from the factory with this application installed. However, it is not exactly common. Therefore, if you are interested in using Google Files as an application to free up memory, you can click here to do the download on the Google Play Store.


KeepClean is an application for Android devices that allows you to optimize your smartphone's performance. If you're looking for a tool to eliminate unnecessary files or stop apps from constantly restarting in the background, KeepClean is an excellent choice.

(Reproduction: KeepClean)

It performs extensive scans to eliminate files and free up space on your device. Additionally, KeepClean helps save battery and reduce CPU overheating. It also increases the security of your smartphone by eliminating Trojans, bugs, malicious ads and apps that can steal private data. KeepClean's interface is elegant and minimalist, making navigation simple.

Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage

Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage is an application for Android devices that aims to improve the performance and efficiency of your smartphone. If you are experiencing insufficient storage issues or noticing slowdowns on your device, Smart Cleaner can be a useful solution.

application to free up memory
(Reproduction: Smart Clear)

It performs thorough scans for unnecessary files such as caches, temporary files, and application logs. This allows you to free up storage space, which is especially useful if you're low on space.

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Furthermore, Smart Cleaner helps save battery and reduce CPU overheating. It also increases the security of your smartphone by eliminating Trojans, bugs, malicious ads and apps that can steal private data. Smart Cleaner's interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to navigate the different sections of the app without any hassle.

Remember that Smart Cleaner is available for free on the Google Play Store, but also offers a premium version with additional features. If you are an iPhone user, you can do the download via the App Store.

Extra Tip

We know that, unfortunately, many people cannot afford to buy a cell phone with good storage space. Sometimes, even with an application to free up memory, it becomes impossible to save some files. This way, there is one more alternative to think about.

apps to recover deleted photos
(Reproduction: Google)

If many of the files that are taking up space on your storage are photos and videos, you might consider saving these files on cloud services.

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One of the most popular cloud services is clearly Google Drive, in which you can store your files and have access to them anywhere you are available. Therefore, it is our main recommendation. Google Drive is free, however, you will have access to a small amount of storage, but if you subscribe to a plan, you will have a really large amount.

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