2 best apps for cell phone GPS without internet!

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If you've ever traveled to a destination you don't know and had to stop to ask for information, then you know what an annoying situation it is. With that in mind, we're going to help you and recommend some great cell phone GPS apps without internet so you can have a better relationship with your trips.

Cell phone GPS apps without internet

If you are a reader of our platform, then you already know that we have the best app tips. In fact, we already recommend the best apps to watch television without paying (just click here to check out) and many other sensational tips. Therefore, you can be sure that our app tips will be great.

Cell phone GPS without internet
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It is important to highlight that we do not have an advertising partnership with the applications we are recommending in this article. Therefore, all the apps mentioned here were only mentioned because they have excellent reviews and have been tested by members of our team. Furthermore, the downloads indicated will be on the Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone).

Google Maps 

We can't talk about GPS apps for cell phones without internet without talking about one of the most famous GPS apps in the world: Google Maps. This application, as the name suggests, belongs to Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, making it clear that it is a very well-built application.

Google Maps has been used to find destinations for a long time, many people make entire trips using this application as their main tool, but when they are without internet, they end up using apps to discover Wi-Fi passwords (click here to find out which apps can show you Wi-Fi passwords for free).

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However, the application also allows you to use it without an internet connection. However, some internet connection will be required for the first step. In the first step, you will open the Google Maps app and search through the main menu. Next, you will select “Offline Maps”. Finally, you will select the map you want to download.

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It is certainly one of the most practical GPS applications for a cell phone without internet. It is clearly one of the applications that you need to have on your cell phone. If you want to download the app, just click here to download on your iPhone, or else, Just click here to download it on your Android device.


Continuing with our list of applications for cell phone GPS without internet, we are going to present another application that is constantly being praised on the internet for being able to bring the convenience of a map to your cell phone without requiring you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

In the previous recommendation, we mentioned that Google Maps needs you to download the maps you want to be able to use without internet access. Maps.Me also works this way, but in a more personalized way.

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The application has some areas already defined within its database, so when the app identifies a network, its algorithm automatically downloads maps around your region so that you always have the maps on your cell phone.

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Maps.Me is, without a doubt, one of the best apps for having GPS on your cell phone without internet. If you are interested, you just need Click here to download the app on your Android device, or click here to download on your iPhone.

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