Smiling Brazil: Everything about, advantages and benefits!

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Brasil Sorridente is a program of the Unified Health System (SUS) and developed by the Federal Government, whose main objective is to offer support with regard to the oral health of the entire population.

Oral health is also a very important part that deserves due attention, and with Brazil smiling, it is possible to have access to essential and basic services, as well as the most expensive dental treatments.

Smiling Brazil
Smiling Brazil
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This program is already available in many Brazilian states, but many are still unaware of its existence. If you want to know more about the project and how to be part of it, just continue with our article and we will give you all the information! 

The Brasil Smiling Program and its trajectory so far

The impact that maintaining oral health has on the population is gigantic, as in addition to maintaining the quality of life of Brazilians, it also It helps encourage the care we should take with our teeth.

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Therefore, the Brasil Sorridente program was developed by the federal government. As we mentioned above, its main objective is to offer all the necessary support to SUS dental patients.

As it is a program offered through the single health system (SUS), any and all procedures carried out in the offices are completely free, including treatments that are considered more expensive and complex.

How do Brasil Sorridente services work?

O Smiling Brazil provides affordable care and access to procedures that, without this access, cost a fortune. And this access is only possible because many of the doctors are dentistry students themselves.

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Nowadays, we can find more than 100 million users of the program, this is a very significant number, both for the population and for the recognition and expansion of the program.

Who is entitled to the benefits of Brasil Sorridente? Check out!

The Brasil Sorridente program is a program developed by the SUS, therefore, everyone has access to it, no matter which state or region of the country you are located in.

If you are interested in being part of the Brasil Sorridente program, all you need to do is go to the health center closest to your city, the well-known UBS, carrying your SUS card.

As soon as you get there, you should ask the attendant to schedule your appointment with the dentist who is available to assist you. If there is no dental professional at the moment, the UBS attendant must set a date for your return to the unit. 

Or access the official website of the Ministry of Health to check if your municipality participates in the program.

What procedures are offered by the program?

The Brasil Sorridente program is one of the oral health programs that has the most impact in the world, and this is already considered a major milestone in increasing Brazilian citizens' access to projects that guarantee impeccable oral hygiene completely free of charge. 

The majority of procedures carried out by Brasil Sorridente are carried out in mobile dental units. This happens because the program's intention is to reach the most remote areas and people in the country.

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One of the procedures that are part of the program is the fluoridation process, which consists of adding fluoride to the water used by the population, in order to reduce cavities and other bacterial diseases.

In addition to this procedure, other procedures such as cleanings, extractions, oral cancer diagnostic exams, tartar removal, dental implants, dental braces, wisdom tooth removal and much more, are also offered by Brasil Smilente.

So, did you enjoy discovering the Brasil Sorridente program?

And then, you already knew the Brasil Smiling program? Have you already undergone any procedure offered by this program available in the single health system? Tell us about your experience!

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