How to watch Netflix for free: find out the best way!

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How to watch Netflix for free is something you've probably already done, especially with so many famous and interesting series available in the catalogue. It's a service that not everyone wants to give up knowing or continuing to have access to.

The biggest streaming platform currently is Netflix, even with several other online services available recently. And knowing that prices can be steep for many people, especially due to the pandemic, the site decided to innovate.

How to watch Netflix for free: find out the best way!
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Previously, it was possible to do a free trial, but it only lasted a month. Now, there is another way to access the content and for a longer period of time. So, if you want to know how to watch Netflix for free, just keep reading!

What is Netflix

In case you don't already know, Netflix is a streaming service; in other words, a subscription service in which the user can watch films and series without interruptions, as long as they have internet access. And if it doesn't at some point, those who subscribe have the possibility of downloading titles available on their cell phone.

The subscriber can choose the plan of interest after seeing its specifications – such as image quality, number of screens allowed on at the same time, etc. – when purchasing. There are three plans: the cheapest (basic), the intermediate (standard) and the most expensive (premium).

The content depends on the region you live in; some series may be available in the United States, but not here in Brazil, for example. The catalog is always updated and the user can access exclusive Netflix productions. So, how can you watch Netflix for free and get in touch with these works?

Understand how to watch Netflix for free

In 2022, the platform made a price adjustment. Now, the cheapest plan costs R$25.90 while the most expensive is in the range of R$55.90; and of course many people end up not taking advantage of the huge catalog available and resorting to old-fashioned piracy.

In the end, it's not difficult to know how to watch Netflix for free. It is only necessary for interested parties to access the Netflix – Watch Free website and then browse the available films and series. When you find one you want to watch, just click the “Watch” button and wait for it to load.

Easy, right? And to improve, there is no need to provide personal data or have a credit card or anything like that, since, to enjoy the content, the user does not need to register. But be careful: the service is not available through the app, but through the website, which you can access via the browser on your computer or smartphone.

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Who can watch and what

Anyone with stable internet and a cell phone or computer can access the website and watch. But it is clear that it is necessary to observe the age ranges and triggers of each work to find the best option.

When you enter the website mentioned above, you will come across a great catalog to try out some of what is available on the platform. And now that you know how to watch Netflix for free, the last question remains: what can I watch? 

Films like “Birdbox” and the Oscar-nominated “The Two Popes”; Famous and exclusive Netflix series such as “Stranger Things”, “Elite”, “Eyes that Condemn” and the beloved reality show “Blind Wedding” are available in this tasting.

Did you like the content?

Knowing how to watch Netflix for free can help in those moments when we are short on money; and even if it is with a slightly limited catalogue, there is no way to let the chance pass you by.

The current largest streaming platform in the world offers several titles and takes the opportunity to gain subscribers who were interested in the little they were able to see. If you enjoyed learning about this opportunity, be sure to check out other tips at The Series!