Learn how to travel for free: redeem your FREE bus ticket

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I believe you agree with me when I say that travel is some of the best investments. After all, we are investing in memories, in moments that deserve to be lived. Of course we love watch series and films in our homes, but traveling is a unique experience. Even more so if you can travel for free.

Many people search for apps that allow you to generate extra income precisely to be able to travel and discover new places. However, it is interesting that you know that it is possible to travel for free. However, few people know what steps are necessary to travel for free, which is why we will be bringing them to you.

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Our team is always happy to share with you opportunities to make your dreams come true without having to spend a lot of money. After all, we are always bringing information about social benefits and how Brazilians can access these benefits. So, know that we are happy to bring you more on this topic.

Find out how to travel for free

We are very happy to bring the possibility of traveling for free to our readers, however, we are also sad to warn that not everyone is able to obtain these free trips. After all, these free trips are only possible thanks to a law that guarantees these trips for the elderly.

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If you are elderly or want to help someone who wants to get this free trip, then continue reading to find out more about this right guaranteed by Law No. 10,741/2003. We will bring you all the necessary information so that you can discover new places with the support of this law.

Law No. 10,741/2003, also known as Elderly Status, is a law that regulates the rights of people aged 60 or over in Brazil. Among these rights is the right to travel for free in the interstate public transport system, that is, between different states.

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According to article 40 of the law, elderly people have the right to reserve two free spaces per vehicle for this type of transport. If the places are already filled, they are entitled to a discount of 50% on the ticket price. To access this benefit, the elderly must present an official document with a photo that proves their age and request a travel ticket for the elderly at the transport company's points of sale, at least three hours in advance of the departure time.

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Furthermore, it is important to understand that the law also reflects on the peculiarities that may exist in the individuality of each elderly person. For example, if the elderly person is disabled, the law also guarantees that they have access to a companion who will also receive the chance to travel for free. 

Another important point is that each transport company may have its own rules regarding the possibility of elderly people traveling for free. Therefore, it is always interesting that you check the rules of the company you will use to transport yourself.

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This right's main objective is to guarantee mobility, social integration and quality of life for the elderly, who often do not have the financial means to pay for tickets. Furthermore, the law also provides that elderly people have priority when boarding and disembarking, as well as adequate assistance during the trip.

What other rights does the Elderly Statute guarantee?

In addition to the right to free interstate transportation, elderly people have other rights guaranteed by the Elderly Statute. Knowing these rights can help you enjoy life better and avoid unnecessary stress, so find out which rights are guaranteed by law:

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  1. Right to minimum income through the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), for elderly people over 65 years of age who do not have the means to support themselves or be supported by their family;
  2. Right to exemption from income tax on retirement and pension income, up to a limit of R$ 3,807.96 per month;
  3. Right to alimony for children, spouse or partner, if necessary;
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  1. Right to exemption from IPTU, if you are retired, with an income of up to two minimum wages, owner and resident of a single property;
  2. Right to respect, dignity, freedom and family and community coexistence;
  3. Right to leisure, culture, sport and education;
  4. Right to priority in the processing of legal proceedings in which you are a party or interested party;
  5. Right to protection against any form of violence, negligence or exploitation;
  6. Right to full and free healthcare through the Unified Health System (SUS);
  7. Right to participate in the political and social life of the country.

What to do if the trip is denied

Elderly individuals have the right to travel for free. This right is guaranteed by the Elderly Statute, as explained previously in this text. However, if the right to free or discounted travel is denied, the elderly person can appeal to the following bodies:

National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT), which monitors and regulates interstate and international road transport of passengers. Elderly people can make a complaint by calling 166, by email [email protected] or via the official website. National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which monitors and regulates interstate and international air transport of passengers. Elderly people can make a complaint by calling 163, by email at [email protected] or via the official website.

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National Waterway Transport Agency (ANTAQ), which monitors and regulates interstate and international water transport of passengers. Elderly people can make a complaint by calling 0800-644-5001, by email [email protected] or via the official website.

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Furthermore, the elderly person can contact the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Public Defender's Office or a private lawyer to take legal action against the company that denied the right to free or discounted travel. In this case, the elderly person can request compensation for moral and material damages, in addition to guaranteeing the right to travel.

Did you like the information?

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