Watch NFL online: discover the best app!

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Sports have truly transformative power in the lives of thousands of people. In fact, in Brazil, we see that there are thousands of people who are passionate about sports such as football, as well as other less common sports, such as basketball. In today's article, we will show you how to watch NFL online.

We know that following sporting events can help in different situations, such as reducing stress or even learning a new language, as we often follow news through foreign platforms, such as newspapers or pages run by fans.

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However, we know that one of the biggest difficulties for sports lovers is finding how to follow the best sporting events, especially if it is not common in the country in question, as is the case with the NFL. Therefore, we will show you how to watch NFL through your devices with an internet connection.

What is NFL?

Before knowing how to watch the NFL, it is interesting to know a little about this famous sports league. After all, we know that despite being a very well-known league, we are talking about a sport that is not that popular in Brazilian territory. So, come and learn a little about the NFL.

The NFL, or National Football League, is a professional American football league in the United States. It is widely recognized as the premier American football league in the world. The NFL was founded in 1920 and has since grown to include 32 teams that compete in a regular season followed by playoffs, culminating in the Super Bowl, one of the most watched sporting events globally.

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American football is a highly strategic sport, where two teams face each other on the field, trying to advance with the oval ball and score points by crossing the opponent's goal line. The matches are divided into quarters and involve different units, such as attack and defense. 

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Each team has a quarterback, who is the main player responsible for throwing the ball. The NFL is known for its talented players, iconic teams such as the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, and the intensity of the Super Bowl, which attracts millions of viewers.

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In addition to games, the NFL is also known for its marketing strategies, including the Super Bowl halftime show and musical performances by famous artists. The sport has a fervent fan base in the United States and around the world, with many Brazilians also following the league with growing enthusiasm.

How to watch NFL online?

You are in this article mainly to understand how to watch NFL online. If you are reading this text, then you probably had difficulty finding the best platforms to follow this event. In fact, it is a relatively common demand.

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Recently, we saw this same difficulty in some audiences, such as football lovers who had difficulty finding new ways to follow the games of the athlete's new team Neymar Jr., however, we wrote an article especially for the player's fans. Now, we're writing especially for NFL fans.

We know that you are not only looking for a platform to watch NFL online, but you are also looking for a platform that offers image and sound quality and that allows you to watch NFL without any problems regardless of whether you are using a computer or a cell phone.

Therefore, our portal team tried to look for a streaming platform that could meet these needs without costing you an absurd amount. Therefore, follow our application recommendation below to watch NFL online.


There was a time when many people did not believe in Star+ like a streaming platform that wouldn't succeed, that many people wouldn't feel interested in subscribing to this platform. Therefore, it is normal that some people are surprised to see that Star+ has become such a recommended platform.

Star+ has also become quite popular because it has a wide variety of series and films, such as the great success How I Met Your Mother (and its spin-off, which was recently cancelled), Grey's Anatomy It is ModernFamily. However, it also became well known for being a streaming platform for broadcasting sporting events.

In fact, it is one of the most used streaming platforms by sports lovers. For example, you might have a great experience subscribing to platform to follow events such as NBA (basketball), but you can also follow your favorite football teams, whether Brazilian (like Flamengo) or not (like Real Madrid).


Therefore, know that Star+ also ranks as one of the best alternatives for watching NFL through devices that can connect via the internet. So, know that you will probably have a great experience using this app to follow this sport that has captured your heart so much.

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If you liked Star+ as a way to watch NFL, know that you can download the app on your cell phone via Google Play Store, if you use Android devices (such as those from brands Samsung, Motorola It is Asus). But you can also download it from App Store, if you use iOS (which is the operating system used in iPhones, from the Apple).


Unfortunately, watching NFL on Star+ will cost you a monthly fee. However, I reiterate again that you will not just be paying to watch NFL, but to have access to the large number of content that is available on the platform, ranging from films and series, even documentaries and sports.

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According to the official Star+ platform itself, there are three values available. The initial fee is R$ 40.90 per month. However, you can sign a combo together with the Disney+ paying R$ 55.90 per month. Finally, you can subscribe to the annual package which is currently worth R$ 329.90 per year in cash.

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It is important to highlight that some other companies partner with Star+, making it possible for this value to be reduced. However, we will not inform these values in this article as they can vary a lot, so it is interesting that you do your research. One tip is to look for promotions related to Free market.

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