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The moment of pregnancy brings with it a lot of anxiety to everyone who awaits the birth of the new family member. To help and entertain parents, relatives and friends during this 9-month journey, we have separated a tip for you to find out the baby’s gender with this app!

Descubra o sexo do seu bebê com esse aplicativoFind out the baby's gender
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The moment of fetal sexing is paramount to start the tradition of shopping for clothes and layette that fits the gender of the baby. This has ceased to be a rule in all homes for a long time, but many people still buy items according to the color and print that best fits the little boy or girl who is coming.

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All these preparations are very important, but knowing the sex can take a little longer than anxiety expects. For this, apps have been created that calculate which gender the child should be born. A suggestion to pass the time and have fun with those who are part of this new story that is about to begin.

BabyCenter: find out the baby’s gender with this app

BabyCenter, also known as “My Pregnancy and My Baby Today”, is an online platform for you and the whole family to find out the baby’s gender with this app. It offers features that will help you throughout your pregnancy, as well as exclusive expert tips for the first few months.

Find out the baby's gender

find out the baby’s gender with this app that we will leave you as an indication and use all the other features it can offer during pregnancy and after, when the newborn will need special care. Read to the end and learn its main tools!

Find out the baby’s gender

BabyCenter has a tool for you tofind out the baby’s gender with this application by answering a series of questions and questions that the platform asks to give the final answer. Based on this information, you will have the probability if the baby inside your belly is a boy or a girl.

Monitor your pregnancy

Here you can also monitor your entire pregnancy, from conception to the birth of your baby. Record all the information obtained during your prenatal care with your obstetrician, in addition to the data you can fill in yourself.

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The app will give you information about what the baby’s real size is, comparing it with fruits, for example, to get the real notion. It also helps with possible symptoms in each month, how the fetus is developing, calendar and more.

Track the progress of your belly

Take photos every week and upload them to the app, so you have a record of how your body and fetus are evolving as time goes by. The platform can turn the photos into a video to share with friends or keep as a souvenir.

Guidance and care

Based on authorized scientific and medical data, BabyCenter is not only an app to discover the gender of your baby with this application, but it will also provide a series of guidelines for a smoother pregnancy.

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It will also include tips from experts in prenatal and postpartum care. When the baby is born, the platform transforms into a guide for the necessary care and processes for the health and well-being of the child in the first months of life.

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Is this app reliable?

Our tip for discovering the sex of your baby with this application is just a way to have fun with those around you and reduce anxiety before knowing the correct result of fetal sex determination or ultrasound. The BabyCenter tool does not have scientific proof of its effectiveness in determining pregnancy gender.

Before making the baby layette or telling people, go to a doctor and check if the sexing test can already be done. Only then will you be sure if the baby is a boy or a girl and you can move forward with all the other important steps.

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We hope our tip helps you discover the sex of your baby with this app called BabyCenter. The platform has incredible features for you to download today on your phone and enjoy until the birth of the new family member.

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