4 apps to watch TV online!

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Entertainment is being increasingly valued around the world. This way, we’re going to use technology to your advantage: we’re going to list some apps so you can watch TV using just a device connected to the internet. Some of the apps mentioned are free and others are paid.

Apps to watch TV!

With so many useful apps, including apps that allow you to watch the best football matches और भी go on trips for little money , it’s easy to understand that there are apps designed especially for watch TV. Therefore, we will present you with some of these options.

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- विज्ञापन देना -
- विज्ञापन देना -

We have already mentioned that, as with our other content, we will show you how to download each application directly to your cell phone. This way, you can download it from both the ऐप स्टोर and the गूगल प्ले स्टोर . Additionally, we will show both free and paid apps.


VIX app is already well known in lists of apps for watch TV. In fact, the application has earned the right to be a veteran in these lists, as it has managed to bring together several qualities in its application that make VIX one of the best applications for watch TV for free.

Just the fact that VIX allows you to watch TV for free is reason enough to be on this list, but the truth is that this is not the only quality of this application, making it deserve to be not only on this list, but also on the list of applications on your smartphone.

The Vix app is recognized for offering a variety of content, from news to entertainment, covering diverse topics. Its intuitive interface facilitates navigation, providing users with a fluid experience. Furthermore, content personalization allows each person to find information and entertainment suited to their interests efficiently.

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If you are interested in learning other languages, such as Spanish, know that VIX is an incredible application for this purpose, considering that there is a lot of content in other languages that you can add subtitles in English to be able to follow the events that happen in the series .

If you liked it and want to use VIX as your app to watch TV online, just click here to download the app from the App Store . But if you use a device with the Android operating system, click here and download it from the Google Play Store .


In this article, we will try to show you some paid and free alternatives so that you can decide which option best fits your needs. HBO Max is one of the most famous alternatives for those looking for a paid app to watch TV on their cell phone, computer or smartTV.

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All you need to watch TV through HBO Max is an app subscription and internet access. If you don’t have internet access, you can find out how to find free Wi-Fi by clicking this link . Furthermore, all you need to do is download the app and use it with ease: just click this link to download it for iPhone or this link to download it for Android .

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Netflix is one of the main alternatives when it comes to streaming platforms that charge a monthly fee. However, we can safely say that the content present in the HBO Max catalog is making it one of the most competent streaming platforms. For example, this is the only platform that allows you to watch the series Friends .


प्लूटो टीवी streaming platform . This platform is one of the main references in this segment. The most interesting thing is that this platform manages to be a reference in the sector and be free at the same time, making it one of the best alternatives for those looking for quality and accessibility.

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We have already written about Pluto TV previously in an article in which we highlighted the best free apps for watch TV ( you can read it by clicking here ). However, this tool is so interesting that it is always good to revisit this recommendation so that you can benefit from the advantages of Pluto TV.

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We can start our evaluation of this app with a simple observation: this is the only app that actually has the shape of a television. In other words, there is a schedule and you will follow the content depending on what is being broadcast, similar to what we see in the traditional television format.

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However, we also have the traditional streaming format, allowing you to access your desired content whenever you want and whenever you want. This application is not considered the best application for following sporting events , however, sometimes there are some partnerships that allow Pluto TV to broadcast some events.

If you are interested in using the app to watch TV, you can download it to your Android mobile device by clicking here . But if you use an iPhone, you can click here to download it from the App Store .


As I mentioned previously, some of the apps for watch TV that I mentioned before are not the most ideal for following sporting events. Therefore, it is interesting that you discover an app that allows you to watch different types of sports, even the famous Brazilian football .

ESPN , renowned for its comprehensive sports coverage, emerges as an engaging and convenient option for enthusiasts looking to follow sporting events on their cell phones . By providing a wide range of content, from up-to-date news to specialized analysis, ESPN ensures that users are always well informed about the sporting world.

The ESPN app stands out for offering live broadcasts of a variety of events, giving users the opportunity to watch competitions in real time, wherever they are. This feature makes the experience of following sports even more immersive, creating a direct link between fans and the crucial moments of their favorite sports.

Additionally, ESPN recognizes the importance of personalization in today’s climate. Its app allows users to customize their preferences by receiving notifications about their favorite teams, leagues and sports. This not only simplifies access to the desired information, but also creates a more individualized experience, catering to each user’s specific interests.

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The app’s intuitive interface significantly contributes to smooth navigation. Users can easily explore different sections like news, videos, and statistics with just a few taps on the screen. This convenience is crucial, especially when you want to instantly access information such as game results, injury updates or breaking news.

In short, ESPN establishes itself as a robust choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the sports universe through their mobile devices. With a combination of comprehensive coverage, live broadcasts, content personalization and a user-friendly interface, the ESPN app stands out as an effective and captivating alternative for sports lovers looking for practicality and quality in the palm of their hands.

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This article was written to let you know the best apps for watch TV on a device with an internet connection. Enjoy and read our other content, such as a list of apps to watch the NBA on your cell phone.