Learn how to request an extraordinary FGTS withdrawal in 10 minutes

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The extraordinary FGTS arises from deposits made by employers in the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS), which was created by the Federal Government with the intention of helping employees dismissed without just cause.

extraordinary FGTS
extraordinary FGTS

With the crisis resulting from the pandemic, many workers find themselves in debt, even those who are still employed. The program has been extended with the aim of helping even more, but it is important to highlight that there is a limit to how much you can receive and how many times you can withdraw it.

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The balance can be requested in the month of each worker's birthday. But who has the right? How to request? How much to receive? If you are interested in answering all these questions about the extraordinary FGTS, continue reading our article!

What is the extraordinary FGTS?

As stated above, the extraordinary FGTS is intended to help workers who need a sum of money at an atypical time during the pandemic. It is a withdrawal that has a maximum value of R $1,000 per person; This value depends on the accumulation of deposits in the account.

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The withdrawal order results from each employee's date of birth and began in April. Therefore, you have to wait a while to access the available money. It is important to remember that you must have an FGTS account and the Caixa TEM application to make the withdrawal.

If you, a citizen, have more than one FGTS account and are unsure whether you can access them all, the answer is yes. The order of receipt begins with the account(s) of work contracts that have already been completed and have the lowest balance. 

Who can request

In general, all Brazilian employees who have or have had a contract governed by the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) can request the withdrawal of extraordinary FGTS and have the right to receive it. 

If there is still uncertainty after the explanations and you don't know if you have the right to ask, there is the possibility of checking via the FGTS website, the app or the Caixa Econômica website – as long as you know your NIS (PIS/Pasep) present in the work card.

In 2022, the objective of the Extraordinary FGTS is, in addition to providing assistance to retirees, to also make withdrawals available to active workers who are in specific and peculiar situations. 

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How to request

Initially, it is not necessary to apply either in person or online. The balance is expected to automatically fall into the digital social savings account – that is, in the Caixa TEM app – and from there it is possible to transfer the amount to the account the holder is interested in.

Only if the extraordinary FGTS balance is not automatically present in the account should the worker make the request. It is only necessary to complete missing data through the FGTS app.

In addition to making the request in this specific case, the user can consult withdrawals, the total available FGTS amount, deposits, statements and even register through the application.

Download the app here: iOS | Android

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It is important to know that it is not difficult to request money that can help, especially in times of crisis. Despite this, it is not mandatory to withdraw the extraordinary FGTS and the user can refuse to receive it through the same app. Don't forget to check your account!

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Caixa Econômica Federal - FGTS application.

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