Watch free movies and series: watch the biggest hits!

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The search for entertainment is increasingly interesting. After all, there are more and more platforms striving to bring great content to their subscribers. However, the problem is precisely there: you need to be a subscriber. This way, we will show you ways to watch free films and series on your cell phone, computer or even at the cinema.

If you follow our platform, then you must be more than accustomed to our articles that provide alternatives so that you have easier access to the best means of entertainment. In fact, we recently wrote about how watch WWE 2023 without major problems.

watch free movies and series
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In addition, we have also previously written about apps so that you can watch free movies and series on your cell phone. However, our article today will be very different. After all, our goal is to allow you to watch major releases.

Problems with free 100% apps 

We're big fans of apps that deliver features without charging for it. In fact, we have already brought apps that help you take care of your health without leaving home and without spending money on it. So, you can already imagine that we are passionate about apps for watching free movies and series.

One of the problems with these free applications is that it is not possible to keep up with today's biggest hits. Don't worry, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's start our list of how to watch free movies and series with an app that delivers a proposal like this, however, you won't find recent films there.

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If you're interested in looking for classic productions when watching free movies and series, then we're sure you'll love this app. After all, there you will find several productions that please thousands of people.

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However, we want to present other proposals that can help you follow new productions. In other words, in addition to watching free films and series, you will have access to the content that everyone is talking about. After all, we know that entertainment also has an important social function.

How to watch free movies and series

As previously mentioned, we are going to present two proposals to our readers: one is about a completely free application so that you can watch free films and series directly from your cell phone, however, with the limitation of there being no more recent productions in the catalogue. 

The other alternatives are also free, however, they use a slightly different format from the application that we will open the list of how to watch free movies and series. Read the entire article to find out all the details, I'm sure you won't regret investing your time in reading it.


The application PlutoTV offers an exciting way to watch films and series for free, combining live television and streaming on a single platform accessible via your mobile device. With a wide range of options, Pluto TV is the perfect solution for those looking for diverse entertainment without additional costs.

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With more than 100 channels of varied content, Pluto TV offers a comprehensive selection of programs, including hit films, cult classics and popular series. The application does not require registration, making it extremely convenient for users who want to start viewing immediately. Whether it's comedy, lifestyle, nature, thriller, drama, action or investigation, you'll find something that interests you.

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Additionally, Pluto TV allows you to watch hundreds of live TV channels, covering a wide range of genres, from sports to family and reality shows. The platform offers a legal and completely free experience, eliminating the need to create an account to access content.

With constant updates, the platform evolves to meet viewers' demands. Its intuitive design and positive reviews show user satisfaction. However, some users have expressed a desire to include Chrome cast support for a more versatile experience.

Our team quickly checked the Pluto TV catalog on the day this article was written and we quickly found great cinema hits in the catalog, such as the hit The Expendables and a horror classic Friday 13. If you want to watch one of the biggest hits on social media today, you can watch the episodes of South Park through Pluto TV.

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However, we know that a good app for watching free movies and series also needs to have powerful animes in its catalog. That way, you can be happy to know that the app has famous animes like naruto It is Yo-Gi-Oh., as well as other great hits.

Overall, we highly recommend Pluto TV as an app for you to watch free movies and series, in addition to, of course, consuming great anime. If you are interested in investing time on this platform, then you can do the download of the app through Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone).

Other ways

Previously, we introduced Pluto TV as a way to watch free movies and series. This app is completely free and you can use it without even leaving home. Next, we'll show you two ways to watch great productions without paying for it. The first one won't be completely free, but you can still use it without paying.


If you are already a person familiar with the world of entertainment, you may find it strange that we mention the HBO Max in a list on how to watch free movies and series. After all, this platform charges a monthly fee for its content to be consumed. However, there is a way to use this platform without paying for access.

What many don't know is that the platform also has its own marketing strategies to gain new subscribers. In this way, HBO Max allows fans to watch some of its main hits without paying, so they know what the platform is about and its main points.

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To watch free movies and series on HBO Max, you will need to access the platform home page (through the browser, not the app). Scroll down the page until you find the phrase “Free episodes from HBO Max, no subscription required”. There will be some images of example productions and just below a button with the following phrase: “watch free episodes”. 

All content available on this page is ready to be consumed. On the day this article was written, episodes of highly successful series were available, such as gossip Girl, Harley Quinn and others.

We have already warned you that this catalog tends to change frequently. There have been times when big hits like Euphoria It is game of Thrones were available, as were other hits such as Supernatural It is House of the Dragon. Therefore, it is a great app for watching free movies and series.

Popcorn Club

O Popcorn Club It's not exactly a way to watch free movies and series. In fact, it's a way for you to gain advantages through your favorite means of entertainment.

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However, this club usually presents its subscribers with free tickets to watch big releases at the cinema. That's right, you have free access to the cinema. Additionally, you can access prizes throughout your experience at Clube da Pipoca.

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There are some rules for both accessing your free ticket and receiving prizes. Therefore, we recommend that you Click here and read everything about Clube da Pipoca. In the article, we explained how many film fans were able to watch the Barbie film for free thanks to the Club. There you will find all the rules.

Did you like the information?

This article was written with great care to help you watch free films and series. As you know, we have already helped our readers to follow films, series and even watch reality shows without paying for access. Furthermore, we also constantly talk about social benefits. Therefore, enjoy our content.