Earn Free Fire diamonds with the Google Rewards app: Here’s how!

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Nowadays, free fire diamonds have become the official currency of game fanatics, and for that reason, we took care to prepare an article that talks exactly about one of the ways to earn these diamonds.

Free Fire diamonds.
Free Fire diamonds.

In addition to the game using these coins as a way of purchasing and acquiring items and objects within the game itself, obtaining them may not be that easy, for many people, they may end up becoming a challenge.

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With this difficulty in mind, we came here with the aim of simplifying this process and making acquiring your coins much easier and more practical, without sparing any effort. Are you curious? So come here with us and find out!

But after all, what are Free Fire diamonds?

Free fire diamonds are currencies used within the free fire game to carry out microtransactions, and the purpose of these microtransactions is precisely to purchase items and content within the game's store.

Players can purchase items inside free fire stores, in addition to being able to unlock new characters. It is also possible to purchase recharge packages and events and the royale menu, which is a tab that allows players to find the best items in the game.

Players can still unlock various items and characters with the game's free coins, in addition to being able to unlock events, skins, consumable items and much more. 

There are many ways to acquire free fire diamonds, but today, we will focus on just one channel to obtain them. But don't worry, the process is very simple and we guarantee that in the end you will have your diamonds in your hands.

Purchasing Free Fire diamonds with Google Rewards

Now that we know what free fire diamonds are about, it's time to talk about how to acquire them and what is the most practical way to get them that we chose to talk about.

Google rewards is one of the ways to get free fire diamonds, it's very simple and you'll see that it's step by step as well. But beforehand, it is important that you access your cell phone's app store and download Google Rewards, available for Android It is iOS.


After downloading the app, simply fill in the data that will be requested during the registration process, such as name, age, gender, email, etc. Very simple and practical, you can finish it in minutes!

To get the coins, the application aims to ask users to answer some opinion questions. Through your answers, you will be rewarded and you can use your coins to get free fire diamonds.

Once users have enough credits in the Google Rewards app to purchase free fire diamonds, you will be able to withdraw this amount through your Google account, or even through Paypal. Simple and practical, right?

So, did you already know this method to earn free fire diamonds?

We would like to hear from you now, did you already know about Google Rewards? Did you know that through it you can get credits to buy free fire diamonds? Did you like this method? Tell us what you think!

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