Best apps to watch Chicago Bulls for free!

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If you are one of those people who are passionate about basketball, then you definitely know the team Chicago Bulls. After all, it is one of the basketball teams that marked the history of sports through its truly incredible athletes. However, few people know how to follow the team's matches, so we will show you how to watch Chicago Bulls for free.

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Other basketball teams have also stood out in popular culture as a whole, such as the team Los Angeles Lakers (click here to find out how to watch the Lakers through apps). After all, it's not difficult to see people wearing uniforms from these teams as fashion items, mainly thanks to the popularity that NBA teams have managed to achieve.

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Despite the immense popularity of the Chicago Bulls team in basketball history, there are still many people who don't know the main apps to watch Chicago Bulls for free. Therefore, we will show you two applications to keep track of all the information about these teams that are conquering the world.

Applications to watch Chicago Bulls for free 

Applications are helping thousands of fans to follow their favorite teams. In fact, we already taught you how to watch MotoGP through apps. Therefore, today we will show you how you can follow all the Chicago Bulls news for free on your cell phone.


If you are one of those people who are passionate about sports, then you might want to check out the app SofaScore. This application is widely used by basketball lovers, as the application can gather a lot of essential information about the main teams.

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In addition to gathering information about the main NBA teams, SofaScore can also request information about other teams that are also important in other leagues, such as the Brazilian basketball league (NBB). 

And of course, SofaScore is also a great alternative for those looking for a great app to follow other sports, such as football. However, we have already given you other tips on which are the best apps for watching football online, you can click here to check out these tips.

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Another important advantage of SofaScore for those who want to follow Chicago Bulls notifications for free is that the app is available for both Android and iPhone. If you use Android, just click here to download. But to download it for iPhone you will need click here. Both links are safe.

Chicago Bulls 

The company responsible for managing the Chicago Bulls has developed an incredible application for those who want to follow all the news about the Chicago Bulls for free. Therefore, you can access all information in a safe and reliable way. 

The application has an interactive calendar in which you can find out all the dates of the Chicago Bulls matches against other famous basketball teams. Additionally, you can access official news and statistics about the team and its players.

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If you liked it and want to use this application to follow the Chicago Bulls for free, then know that the application is available for both Android (clicking here) and for iPhone (clicking here). In other words, it is easy to have free access to the application that will provide you with information about the Chicago Bulls.

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