2 best apps to watch the Mexican Championship!

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With so many streaming platforms becoming popular, it is strange to think that there are no apps designed to broadcast football. However, they do exist! This way, we will show you which are the best apps to watch the Mexican Championship completely online.

watch Mexican Championship
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We have already recommended several interesting applications on our platform, like great apps to watch movies and series completely for free (click here to learn). But today we're going to help you find the best apps for watching football, more specifically for watching the Mexican Championship.

Applications to watch the Mexican Championship

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Fortunately for us, sports apps are becoming more popular, as We even recommend apps to watch Formula 1. The broadcast quality of applications is becoming a benchmark and allows fans to follow matches with simply captivating quality.


We are witnessing the explosion of streaming platforms. Before, there was practically only the Netflix, but today we are seeing a wide variety of applications fighting to conquer this space. A Star+ is one of those platforms that are trying hard to make their users prefer to use their services over their competitors' services.

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This streaming platform has already managed to please many fans simply because it has a really good catalog, with many high quality films and series. We're talking about a platform that can please the whole family, so you can subscribe to Star+ knowing that there will be series and films to please everyone who lives with you.

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However, you are not reading this article looking for apps to watch movies and series, you are looking for apps to watch the Mexican championship and other sporting events. So it's important to highlight that Star+ is one of the best platforms to watch different sports, including, is one of the best platforms to watch WWE (click here to see other apps to watch).

If you want to use Star+ to watch the Mexican Championship, know that you can download the application on your cell phone very simply: click here to download on your Android device or click here to download on your iPhone.


A DGO (old DirecTV GO) is a content transmission platform that works in a relatively simple way, simulating the traditional way of transmitting content that pay TV packages use. This way, you select the channel you want to watch and enjoy that channel's programming.

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What's different about DGO is that it uses technology adopted by conventional streaming platforms, allowing you to watch content wherever you want, whether on a television (smart TV), tablet, laptop or smartphone. (click here to download on Android or click here to download on iPhone).

To watch the Mexican Championship using DGO, you will need to select the sports channel, so you can watch broadcasts from your favorite teams. If you are a fan of the traditional content transmission model, then perhaps this is the best application for you to watch the Mexican Championship.


The application Zapping is a real novelty for many people, since for a long time the company was called GUIGO. Due to internal decisions, the company changed some important points and decided that the name GUIGO no longer represented the application's ideas, making it necessary to change it to Zapping.

Just like DGO, Zapping works like a pay TV package, allowing you to browse a set of channels and follow the channel that presents the most interesting content for you. To watch Mexican Championship, you will have to navigate to the sports channel to watch the matches.

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If you are interested in Zapping as your ideal application for watching the Mexican Championship, all you need to do is click here to download from the Google Play Store, if you are an Android user, or click here to download from the App Store, if you are an iPhone user.

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Our objective with this article was to bring great alternative applications for you to watch the Mexican Championship completely online. If you liked it, take the opportunity to read our other content, such as our article on fitness recipe apps.