2 best apps to identify plants

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The internet is full of useful tools that deserve to be publicized, so that everyone can use them in the best way possible. We have already disclosed the best apps to watch TV online for free (click here to find out), but today we will reveal the best apps for identifying plants.

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If you want to know which are the best apps for identifying plants, know that we will only bring you reliable apps, which already have a large number of positive reviews, making them interesting apps for us to recommend to our readers.

2 apps to identify plants

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We look for the best apps to deliver quality in our recommendations. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the two best apps for identifying plants. In each recommendation, there will be links in download of each app in the app stores: Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone.


With so many applications available on the Internet, it is clear that there would be applications dedicated to helping plant lovers identify which types of plants are. O PictureThis makes it possible for people to discover information about plants in a simple and safe way, just by pointing their camera smartphone for the plant.

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Previously, it was necessary to have a book on specific plants to access information about these plants. It took a long time to find a plant with those specific characteristics, and sometimes the plant wasn't even cataloged in the book. What about cases where the information was out of date? It was a problem!

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That's why apps like PictureThis emerged, as this is one of the apps for identifying plants with the highest quality and precision, as the app is a database that allows plant lovers to identify plants quickly. The app has artificial intelligence that can identify the specific characteristics of the plant through your cell phone's camera.

The application itself has a “care guide” so that you can take good care of your plant, so that it can develop in the best way possible. The app's artificial intelligence also allows you to identify some specific plant problems. It also works as reminders for you to water the plant.

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In other words, PictureThis has many incredible advantages that plant lovers should use to deepen their knowledge of plants. Therefore, if you are interested in using the application, you can click here to download from the Google Play Store or click here to download from the App Store.


Continuing with our list of applications for identifying plants, we will introduce you to the famous PlantSnap. The application already highlights in its own presentation the power of artificial intelligence used by the company to be able to identify each of the plants that you may be interested in knowing the specific characteristics.

The application has many common features of applications for identifying plants, including care guides, similar to the application we recommended in the previous text block. One of PlantSnap's interesting differences is the possibility of interacting with a digital community made up of plant lovers, similar to a social network.

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If you want to add PlantSnap to your collection of applications for identifying plants, you can download it very simply on your cell phone. If you use Android, click here to download from Google Play Store, or click here to download directly from the App Store, if you use iPhone.

Which one is the best?

You may be wondering which of the options is the best application for identifying plants, however, I recommend that you use both to have an even more complete experience. In the same way that we recommend that you have more than one application to follow football or other sports online, as this will give you different advantages.

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