Best app to detect radar!

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If you are one of those people who travel frequently, you may already have some apps designed for your travel routine, such as map apps for cell phones without internet. However, we know that drivers may face several problems, such as finding speed cameras. This way, we will show you the best application to detect radar.

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The internet can provide a huge variety of incredible applications to solve our problems. However, the creation of the application to detect radar is not intended for illegal purposes. Therefore, use the application to detect radar only to avoid unnecessary fines, not to commit crimes.

Application to detect radar

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If you are a reader of our platform, then you will have already seen that we have several interesting application recommendations, such as our recommendation for apps to watch movies and series online. However, today we will focus on bringing apps that can help drivers have smoother trips.

Today, we are going to talk about an application to detect radar. But in fact we will present you with more than one alternative. Therefore, you will be able to decide which one best fits your needs. Therefore, you will be able to find an application that will really be useful to you.


The application Waze It is, without a doubt, one of the best known among drivers. Despite already be recommendations on amazing and useful apps for car owners (which you can check out by clicking here), we had never talked about Waze before. Therefore, it is an unprecedented recommendation on our platform.

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Waze is a great app alternative as it classifies itself as a navigation tool that uses information that is processed in real time. An interesting point about the application is that part of the information is provided by its users. 

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One of the main advantages of Waze as your radar detection app is that we are talking about a really easy to use app. Therefore, it won't take long to learn all the functions that the application can offer you.

If you want to use Waze solely to serve as your radar detection app, know that it won't be difficult at all. Waze will automatically show all the speed cameras that are available on the route you chose. Another interesting advantage is that users can modify speed camera points manually, in order to help other drivers know where there are speed cameras.

If you are interested in becoming a Waze user to have an application to detect radar, then you can download it on your Android device clicking here. But if you want to use Waze on your iPhone, just click here to download from the App Store.

Radars Brazil

This is a special recommendation for our Brazilian audience. After all, the application Radars Brazil is dedicated to providing information about the location of radars on Brazilian routes. If you want an application to locate high-speed radars, we can agree that Radares Brasil is one of the best alternatives, mainly due to its simple to use and learn interface.

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The application does not restrict its information to fixed speed cameras, but also covers mobile speed cameras and speed controllers. The application has some characteristics similar to the famous Waze, as it also depends on the user community itself to update information about the presence of speed cameras.

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The application can be simply installed on your cell phone. If you use an Android device (such as Samsung, Motorola or similar), you can download clicking here. But if you are iPhone (iOS) user then you can download clicking here.

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I'm grateful that you've read this far and I hope you've enjoyed some applications for detecting radar. If you liked it, know that we also have an incredible article teaching you how to buy cheaper vehicles through reliable apps.