2 apps to watch WWE online!

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Sports are becoming increasingly present in the lives of our readers and we are very happy with this fact, after all, we know the importance of sports, whether in practice or simply by following each of the major events. Therefore, today we are going to teach you how to watch WWE through apps.

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If you are a reader of our platform, then you have already learned how watch football online through the best applications available, so you already know that we are one of the best platforms to teach you how to follow sports. Therefore, whether combat sports or others, we will be a reliable source of information.

Apps to watch WWE 

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If you are looking for interesting alternatives to watch WWE, you can rest assured. After all, we will show you the best apps for watching WWE using mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets. Therefore, you will be able to follow the best fights, whether you are available to watch in front of the television or not, as you can use any device to watch the broadcasts.

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We have already mentioned that the applications we are going to recommend are available on Google Play Store for Android users or App Store, for iPhone users. Therefore, they are reliable applications that you can download without feeling any fear, as they are deposited in safe sources.


A Star+ has already been mentioned on our platform at other times, such as in our article in which we mentioned application recommendations for watching TV online (click here to discover the best apps), but know that Star+ is not just for watching films and series online, as we are talking about an application that promises to bring many functions to its users.

watch wwe
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This application emerged in a reality in which several streaming applications were popular, so there was a need to have new features that were consistent with the competition, in the sense that users saw reasons to subscribe to Star+ instead of subscribing to competitors.

Therefore, sports were some of Star+'s biggest bets. The platform has become the true home for sports fans, whether football or other sports. Therefore, if you are a fan of volleyball, basketball, football or fighting, know that Star+ will be able to meet your needs.

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If you are passionate about WWE and are looking for applications to watch WWE over the internet, know that you can download the application via the Google Play Store or via the App Store, the important thing is to download from safe sources.


A PeacockTV It is one of the best streaming platforms for those who are passionate about series and films, just like the alternative we mentioned previously. However, it is important to highlight that this is an alternative that is only interesting for those who already want to use a VPN service.

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This is interesting information considering that Peacock TV is only available in some countries. We haven't yet written articles about how to use VPN services safely, so we won't describe in so much detail about using this application.

However, it is important to state that this is one of the main ways to watch WWE using apps. Therefore, if you want to use Peacock on your mobile device, know that you can click here to download on your Android or click here to download on your iPhone.

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