Basic food basket: how to request the benefit and where to buy it!

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Several families are in a financial situation that ends up being classified as vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that there is assistance that can help these people so that they continue to have opportunities to seek better conditions for their family. This way, we enter an important topic, Basic food basket: how to request the benefit.

Perhaps many people don't know what basic food baskets are because they've never needed them. However, the regulation of the basic food basket is already relatively old. After all, the regulation took place on April 30, 1938, decree no. 399. The basic food basket is a list of products that are considered essential for individuals to eat for at least one month. 

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The products that make up the basic food basket are: rice, milk, beans, meat, flour, tomatoes, bread, coffee, bananas, oil, sugar, butter and potatoes. In addition, some sales establishments also include other products on this list, such as materials used for hygiene. After all, hygiene is also an essential factor in everyone's life. 

How much does a basic food basket cost?

As for the cost of a basic food basket, we have values that may vary depending on which products are in the kit. After all, as we said, some establishments add items beyond the 13 considered mandatory by the Federal Government. Furthermore, product brands also influence the final value of the basic basket.

However, we also need to take into account that we have had some economic interference in recent years that have influenced product values. In other words, the vast majority of essential products ended up having their values increased since 2020. You should know that the main reason this happened was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food, in particular, saw a significant increase in value. Many families started adding much less food to their shopping cart due to the significant increase in value. Unfortunately, this can mean fewer essential nutrients for individuals' development.

Through social networks, it was possible to see that different states suffer different influences regarding food values. Thus, some states had increases in some products, others had reductions; some had more or less reduction than others. This way, we will bring data from DIEESE so that you can better base yourself.


A DIEESE (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies) carries out a survey every month on the National Basic Basket Survey. In September, DIEESE announced a price drop in 12 states in Brazil. We have separated some of the places that have had the most significant reductions so that you can be informed:

  • Recife had a reduction of -3.03%;
  • Belém had a reduction of -1,95%;
  • Salvador had a reduction of -2,88%;
  • Aracaju had a reduction of -3.87%.

However, not everything is rosy: despite there being a reduction in values in the previously mentioned places in Brazil, we also saw an increase in values in other places in Brazil. Check the list below:

  • Campo Grande had an increase of 1,83%;
  • São Paulo had an increase of 0.13%;
  • Florianópolis had an increase of 0.05%;
  • Natal had an increase of 0.14%.

Furthermore, there is still data regarding which places had more expensive basic food baskets, which were Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which had values of, respectively, R$746.55; R$743.94; R$750.74 and R$714.14. We had different values when we took into account the North and Northeast, due to the different composition of the basic baskets. Check the lowest recorded values:

  • Aracaju had a registered value of R$ 518.68;
  • João Pessoa had a registered value of R$562.32;
  • Salvador had a recorded value of R$560.31;
  • Recife had a recorded value of R$580.01.

What are the most expensive foods?

The value of the food that makes up the basic food basket directly affects the final value that the basic food basket will have, obviously. Therefore, knowing which foods have seen an increase in price, taking the position of more expensive foods, is important to know what the final results of these baskets will be. So, check out some products and their increased prices:

  • Banana (+1,49%);
  • Manteira (+1,76%);
  • Milk (+1.62%);
  • Wheat flour (+4,14%).

Basic food basket by the Government

Previously, Brazilians registered with CadÚnico were entitled to a basic food basket through the Cesta Básica Nacional program. However, unfortunately, the program was closed in 2003. However, the social project did not simply end, it was simply paid into Bolsa Família, along with other benefits that thousands of Brazilians received.

You have the right?

To know if you are entitled, you first have to know some prerequisites, and only if you meet these prerequisites will you have this right. You need to have a monthly family income of up to 3 minimum wages, or a per capita monthly income of ½ minimum wage. This income not only entitles you to the basic food basket, but also to other benefits aimed at families in vulnerable situations.

However, you need to know that you must be registered in the Single Registry. This tool is a database used by the Government to identify people at risk. The Single Registry helps to select the people who will receive these aids and benefits.

Where can I buy basic food baskets?

basic food basket: how to request the benefit
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Knowing which websites and stores have the best advantages and offers is essential to be able to buy an interesting basic basket. After all, of course there will be stores whose prices are impossible to buy. Therefore, we have selected some stores that will be interesting for you to discover and buy your necessary products.

Magazine Luiza

The Magazine Luiza store has grown significantly throughout Brazil through its various sectors. The store also has some interesting advantages for you to buy your basic food baskets through it, such as payment conditions. If you make your payment using the PIX method, you will receive a discount. But if you want to pay in installments, you have the chance to pay up to 10 interest-free installments. Prices in this store can range from R$49.90 to R$530.00.

Free market

Mercado Livre has grown absurdly in recent years. After all, the wide variety of products and benefits such as included shipping have attracted a lot of attention. Furthermore, there are products at very affordable prices. It is possible to find baskets with values from R$78.90 to R$275.00.


The Extra store is another that has stood out in this aspect. We can divide your purchases at Extra according to priorities: food only and food and hygiene products. If it is just food, we have values starting at R$93.28. With hygiene products, they can reach up to R$428.72.

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Research well!

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We mention three (03) virtual stores for you to place your orders. However, you need to pay close attention to whether the quantity and quality of the products you choose are ideal. After all, noticing this only after making the purchase can be very harmful as perhaps your money could be better spent on another alternative.

Furthermore, it is always important that you compare the final value with the values presented in local grocery stores close to where you live. After all, some family businesses may present more interesting prices than these large stores and there is still the possibility of negotiating.