Learn how to watch tv online for free with those apps!

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Watching watch tv online is one of the means of entertainment most known to humans. After all, I believe we’ve all spent hours watching some series, soap operas, or even sports competitions. However, some limitations prove that watching tv online for free is one of the best alternatives to consuming this content.

watch tv online
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This means of entertainment came about through the television set. Even the TV format continues to use the title of the device that enabled this content transmission. However, we know that it is not necessary to have a television for these contents to be transmitted.

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After all, you can consume content from television stations through various devices, such as notebooks, tablets, cell phones, and even monitors in cars. So you can see that the format has expanded in a way that is no longer limited to one device.

Apps to watch tv online free

You can consume these contents through different devices. However, not all apps are available free of charge for entertainment fans. Thus, many people have to pay to access the content. However, did you know that there are apps to watch tv online for free? We’ll show you some options:

Pluto tv

One of the problems with streaming platforms that allow you to watch tv online for free is that not all of them have really good content. Therefore, Pluto TV is one of the most interesting options. After all, the platform manages to group passionate content in its catalog.

Pluto TV has the advantage of being able to combine the two formats that entertainment fans love so much on its platform: on-demand and live content. Therefore, you will have the chance to choose what will please you most at that moment. For ease of access, both functions are available on the same website, you will just browse the menu.

watch tv online
Image: Pluto TV | Learn how to watch tv online for free with those apps!

However, Pluto TV is not content with just offering on-demand content. That way, you will also be able to watch free online tv with live content. On the platform’s home page, you may be browsing through channels that offer different types of content, including channels dedicated to specific programs, such as MasterChef!

Pluto TV is another platform that is characterized by being available on a wide range of operating systems. So there are chances that there is a dedicated app for your smartTV. But if you want to watch it in the browser, just click here. To download on your Android, click here, and for iPhone, click here



Tubi is another streaming platform that has become quite popular lately. The main difference that made the platform grow so much is precisely the possibility of watch tv online for free. Therefore, if you are looking for a platform to consume content, this is a great option.

watch tv online
Image: Tube TV | Learn how to watch tv online for free with those apps!

You can access the platform through its website, clicking here, or through the Android app, clicking here, and of course, for iPhone, by clicking here.

What’s the best app?

We have not yet stated which is the best alternative for you to consume its contents. The truth is that there is no best one, you’ll have to use them all to find out which one fits your profile best.

We recommend that you try them all, after all, they are free. Some platforms will have content that others don’t. So, enjoy and use them all to get the best experience possible when you watch tv online.