Online pre-owned auction: buy your next vehicle for less!

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Technology is becoming increasingly useful, allowing users of devices such as cell phones and tablets to make their lives easier thanks to the numerous functions that applications provide. Therefore, we will recommend some applications for online used car auctions.

We have already written articles that are extremely useful for those who want to save money. For example, we have already brought tips on how to buy cheap airline tickets (click here to find out how to access discounts). In other words, knowing which are the best online used car auction apps will be a great strategy for saving on your purchases.

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It is interesting to highlight that the online used car auction applications that we will recommend in this article do not have an advertising link with our platform. Therefore, all the apps mentioned in this article are only present because they have excellent reviews.

Applications for online used car auctions

We know the power that apps have, so much so that we have already made several app recommendations: In fact, we have already listed apps that can teach you how to make healthy and delicious recipes (click here to read the recommendations). So we know how useful these apps can be in your day. The download of each app will be available in the main app stores: Google Play Store or App Store.

Banco Santander Vehicle Auction 

Since we want to talk about the main means of auctioning used cars online, we can't help but talk about the Vehicle Auction of Santander Bank. I believe you already know enough theoretical information about what Banco Santander is, so we will skip this presentation to talk specifically about the auction.

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This auction has several advantages, including the possibility of finding pre-owned cars in excellent condition and with low mileage. Furthermore, it is a general vehicle auction, meaning you can also find motorcycles in good condition at great prices.

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An interesting point about this online used car auction is that with the changes that occurred in 2020, auctions are also taking place online. Therefore, you can check all the information (such as available vehicles and photos, as well as other information) through the platform Sato Auctions.

VIP Auctions 

Now talking specifically about an application that is being highly praised for online used car auctions, the VIP Auctions is one of the main platforms for those who want to purchase a car or motorcycle at a great value.

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It is important to highlight that VIP Leilões works in a similar way to Sato Leilões, which was the previously recommended platform. Therefore, you can access different information about the vehicle you plan to purchase through the application, such as photos and videos.

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In addition, the application will also provide you with various items in addition to cars and motorcycles. Therefore, you will be able to have extensive experience in purchasing cheap objects. If you liked it, you can click here to download for Android or click here to download for iPhone.


I recommend that you buy with great conscience. After all, we know that some people end up taking on debt without planning how they will pay it off, as they get excited about the cheap prices at auctions. Therefore, make conscious purchases so that there are no future problems.

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