How to watch NFL? Top 4 apps

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With some streaming services, learn how to watch the NFL and don't miss the most contested and important games in the League. National Football League games are real pots of gold for all channels that have the right to air, because the games can earn billions of profits for broadcasters and their sponsors.

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How to watch NFL Reproduction: National Football League

It is no surprise that one of the most important events of the year is undoubtedly the Super Bowl, in addition to the game, the halftime show reaches thousands of people who are looking forward to the artists who will perform, in commercials the Super Bowl manages to accumulate fortunes every 30 seconds, on average this time costs US$6.5 million and each year increases depending on the market

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Not all channels and streaming applications have all the games, it depends on you finding the best applications with the games that you consider most important and are most eager to follow and not miss any bids with the best possible quality.

How to watch NFL by app

Last year around 99.18 million viewers watched the games, the year had a drop in audience due to the winter Olympics, but even so it continues to be a significant number, currently the year with the highest audience was the year 2015 with more than 112 million people, many hope that this year the program that will be on February 12th will have a new record.

In the latest surveys, we can see that the public fan of the sport has grown and the interest of women in the sport as well, in total women are part of approximately 46.8% of the public that follows the games, confirming that football is not just a sport for men. and that many women like.

To help you keep up with the games and not miss the show of the year, we've separated some apps so you know how to watch the NFL in real time and with quality wherever you are. Rihanna will be the artist responsible and after years promises to do something different from anything we've seen,

How to watch NFL: ESPN+

Company founded in 1979 ESPN is a giant in the sports segment, currently the company provides content to more than 60 countries, divided into all 5 continents. Brand belonging to the Walt Disney company leads the search for channels about the sport and is a reference in the segment. In addition to the American league, you can watch football from the American leagues, tennis, Copa Libertadores, Judo and much more.

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Reproduction: ESPN

How to watch NFL on ESPN app? Just download the application in your store and create your login and password, you can access the league games directly on ESPN, for that you need to have a subscription, click here to go to the website , which allows you to access several games in the most different modalities.

A difference is that in addition to the live games of the championships, and news, original studio programs are made with commentators, showing their vision of the game and possible changes that could facilitate the games, in addition, with your account, 5 simultaneous transmissions are possible on other devices.

How to watch NFL: FuboTV

FuboTV is one of the leading streaming platforms focused on live sports, even the most basic subscriptions provide access to CBS, ABC, NFL Network, NBC and ESPN, where you can watch Sunday, Monday and Saturday games live, without losing any moves.

Reproduction: FuboTv

How to watch NFL through the FuboTV app? Just download the app from its store and create your login and password, there are more than 100 live channels and extensive coverage of games that leave many platforms in the sand, if you prefer, you can enter directly on the site, click here to be directed , and choose your subscription.

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In addition to official NFL games, NCAA college games can also be followed with the subscription, coverage of major events such as La Liga, Bundesliga and Champions League can also be seen, this is one of the most complete and loved platforms in the world of football. sport, if you choose this subscription you will not regret it.

How to watch NFL: NFL+

The league has its own news and broadcast app, the NFL has news about the latest games, player news, upcoming games, highlights, stats and much more. Fans get the best of the sport's source and they don't miss out on having the app on their devices.

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Reproduction: NFL+

How to watch NFL through the app? Just search for NFL in your app store, install and create an account, to have access to all content you need an NFL+ subscription, click here to go to the website , with the subscription you follow pre-season games, often ignored for TV broadcasts, Regular Games, original audio and Playoffs on your mobile and tablet.

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Some features can be viewed while using the app, such as game center and minute-by-minute scores, driving graphs and highlights, full game replays to watch whenever you want. The NFL app is certainly more complete, but it depends on your profile to choose the best subscription.

How to watch NFL: DirecTV stream

A more complete app that lets you watch TV online whenever you want, one of the main benefits of subscribing is that you can access channels from ESPN, Fox Sports 1, CBS, ABC, NBC and many others, in addition to these channels you can watch movies, series and documentaries that you like the most.

How to watch NFL
Reproduction: DirecTV stream

How to watch NFL through the app? Just search for DirecTV in your app store, install and create an account, to have access to all contents you need a subscription, if you prefer, you can choose and subscribe to the platform through the official website, click here to have access , and analyze which plan best suits your profile.

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These are the main apps for you fans to know how to watch the NFL without losing game details wherever you are, or watch later if you miss it. Leave your feedback and experience with streaming apps and don't forget to visit our Main site and read other news articles and tips, enjoy the games and see you next time!