CashTube: The app that pays up to R$500 to watch videos

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With the popularization of the internet and cell phones, the most diverse ways of making money online have emerged: recommending friends to use apps, betting sites, daytrade, among other options available on the market. With CashTube, this is possible.

Application paying to watch videos
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The newest way to make money online, however, is even simpler: just watch videos to be rewarded. Yes! In a simple way and without having to leave home, it is possible to make good money.

If you are worried about these promises of easy money, this article is for you: we will show you how CashTube works, and how you can make money with it. Come to this article and check out how to do it!

Why would someone pay me to watch videos?

If you are suspicious, one of the first things that cross your mind is: why would anyone pay me to watch videos? What's the point of that? The answer is actually quite simple: sponsorship. Of course, these apps don't give away money randomly without earning anything from it – after all, everyone's goal is to make a profit.

Therefore, the app receives income from sponsorships: sponsors pay the app to publish their video, and, to encourage views, CashTube grants part of these earnings to its users. It's a win-win relationship.

What are the ways to earn money on CashTube?

There are two ways to make money with CashTube. The first of them, as you already know, is through short videos that you watch; for every video you get coins. The second method is through referral: whenever you refer CashTube to a friend and they start using it, you receive coins (in good quantities).

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Now comes the most interesting part: these coins, in turn, can be collected and exchanged for cash prizes. In other words: you accumulate these points and can convert them into real money. It's a simple way to increase your income.

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Is CashTube reliable?

One of the biggest problems with apps that promise money is their veracity – the vast majority are full of deception and false promises. If you've ever looked for apps to make money, you've probably come across this reality. We will teach you how to overcome this problem.

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If you want to find out if an application is trustworthy, the best way is to look at its feedback: see other users' opinions about what the app offers. By checking the rating and comments on the app (whether on the Play Store or App Store), you are able to find out what the app is actually like.

With more than 500 thousand downloads, CashTube has a 3.2 star rating and almost 3 thousand comments. The rating is certainly not the best, but compared to other apps that reward their users with money, CashTube is certainly among the best.

If you want to find out more about users' opinions about this app, check out what internet users have to say about it right now. However, for real proof of what the app offers, the best option is always to try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Want to discover more internet secrets?

If you have read this far, we hope that this article has been useful to you, and that you have understood everything about CashTube – and decided whether you want to use it or not. Maybe you never thought that the internet has so many diverse opportunities to make money – and the news doesn't stop there. There are many other ways for you to earn, or even save your money, without you knowing.

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