Discover the incredible app that pays you to walk; See how to download!

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Existe sim um aplicativo que paga para andar, você não entendeu errado! Com o avanço tecnaológico aumentando a cada dia e a pandemia forçando todos a ficar em casa, já nos deparamos com programas de todos os tipos que bombaram na internet.

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Who hasn't downloaded an app to earn money while watching videos? Or some to earn money while playing? Sweatco LTD. decided to innovate, following this line of reasoning, and launched the famous app that pays you to walk in 2016.

Discover the incredible app that pays you to walk!
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Aiming to encourage improved physical health, Sweatcoin was created. It monitors the steps the user takes during the day and converts them into coins. But how to use it? Do you really make money? Check out the answers to all your questions in the text below. 

What is Sweatcoin?

As previously stated, Sweatcoin was developed by Sewatco LTD. and it's an app that pays you to walk. In order to encourage physical activity in a different way, the program counts the steps taken by the person to transform them into coins.

And there's no need to be afraid when installing, because the app has its own algorithm to count movement; that is, it does not track the user's location and does not share personal information with other applications. 

With its own pedometer and store, data security is guaranteed. Furthermore, the app doesn't use a lot of battery and you can use the coins you acquire to donate to charitable organizations.

How it works? Where to download?

To use the pay-to-walk app, you literally just need to start exercising (or walking). The app doesn't differentiate between whether you're at home or outdoors, because what matters is that your body is moving.

If starting to use is easy, downloading is even easier. You just need to have a smartphone or an AppleWatch (Apple's digital watch; Androids are not yet compatible with the program), internet and access to Google Play or the Apple Store – or just click on the links available below.

It's not difficult, but you have to have the will, and everything gets better with the encouragement of knowing that you can make money by improving your physical fitness. And there's no point in trying to just shake your phone, because the app that pays you to walk can detect it!

After all: does the app really pay to walk?

Yes, it's an app that pays you to actually walk! However, there are some caveats: the money provided is the program's own currency – which has the same name: sweatcoin – and, as it is its own digital currency, it is not possible to make transfers.

In short, purchases can only be made in the app store, but that doesn't mean the options are few! It is possible to buy sports equipment, skincare products and some services available through the application. 

In addition to all this, Sweatcoin gives the opportunity for customers to earn purchase vouchers at partner stores such as Adidas and Amazon and transfer coins to other users. And as previously mentioned, but no less important, it is possible to donate to charities.

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Did you like the tip?

Sweatcoin took the internet and social networks like TikTok by storm with this different way of making money that encourages users to live a healthy lifestyle and does not promote a sedentary lifestyle; even more so being an application that pays for walking so simply.

Considering the pandemic period in which we are all stuck indoors, it is a great option for those who want to get back to practicing physical activities after so long. And if you want to know more good tips like this, be sure to access The Series.