4 apps to watch World Juniors 2024

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Hockey is a sport that is growing in popularity, associated with other sports such as basketball and American football. Therefore, more and more people are looking for ways to watch hockey online, including watching more specific events, such as the World Juniors 2024.

When we talk about sports, we usually talk about some specific events, such as the NBA in basketball, the NFL in American football and even some football-related events, such as the Champions League. Therefore, in this article we will also talk about World Juniors 2024 as a specific hockey event. However, it will be useful to all hockey fans.

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It is worth remembering that our only objective in this article is to help you discover how to watch World Juniors 2024. We do not have any advertising ties with any of the applications that will be mentioned in this article. Therefore, these are just recommendations that we believe will help hockey lovers.

What is World Juniors 2024?

There are many people who don’t understand much about hockey, so they don’t know what World Juniors 2024 is. Let’s talk a little more about this event so that all our readers understand perfectly what we are talking about. If you want to know more extensive information about hockey,Click hereto read our article about the sport as a whole.

Apps to watch World Juniors 2024

Applications are increasingly present in our lives, causing new applications to continually emerge to meet our needs, we have already talked aboutapps to watch series and movies for free. Therefore, it is interesting that you know great alternatives to watch the World Juniors 2024.

World Juniors 2024
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Along with the descriptive text of each application, we will point out the download address for the applications. I add that you can trust the links, considering that they will be links that will direct you to the Google Play Store (in the case of Android devices) or the App Store (in the case of an iPhone).


If you are looking for a good way to follow the World Juniors 2024, then TSN is likely to be the best alternative for you to be entertained during this really impressive championship.

TSN is the official channel responsible for broadcasting the World Juniors 2024, making it the most reliable and interesting means of entertainment for those who are passionate about hockey and want to follow the World Juniors 2024. And of course, TSN has a vast history that proves that they are prepared to offer you an interesting experience with the sport.

For those who don’t know, TSN is a Canadian sports channel that not only broadcasts the World Juniors 2024, but a wide variety of sports that will be able to entertain you in the best way possible. Through this channel, you will be able to follow sports such as volleyball, football and American football (Click here if you want to know how to watch American football on your smartphone).

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If you want to watch World Juniors 2024 through the traditional channel, you can easily do so. However, the channel also has an application that you can easily download and watch. If you use Android,Click hereto download, but if you use iPhone,Click hereto download.

NHL Network

If you are passionate about hockey, then you should know that the NHL is one of the main means of entertainment to follow hockey events, including the World Juniors 2024. Just as there are the main means of watching basketball (which you can discover by clicking here), the NHL is one of the best prepared to give you a good experience.

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As it is a network specialized in hockey, the official NHL application will be able to provide you with an experience that will not only be limited to you consuming the content, but you will also be able to access all the statistics regarding the teams that are participating .

Therefore, we can say that the NHL Network really is one of the networks that will provide you with a better experience along with the tournament. Therefore, if you are interested in using the NHL to follow, you canclick hereand download the app on your Android device, orclick hereand download it to your iPhone.


Reviews from hockey lovers indicate that the FloHockey app has really managed to deliver an interesting experience for those who are passionate about the sport, making it one of the most recommended apps for those who want to watch the World Juniors.

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As its name suggests, FloHockey is an application that is dedicated entirely to broadcasting content about hockey. This way, similar to what the NHL wants to deliver, you can be able to follow not only the World Juniors, but also other events that will entertain you about hockey.

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It is worth remembering that not all applications that broadcast hockey content will be licensed to broadcast the World Juniors in the 2024 edition. Therefore, it is interesting to value apps like FloHockey, as they obtained the necessary license to broadcast the event (as well as the NHL.TV and TSN).

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If you are interested in using FloHockey to follow events related to the World Juniors, you can download the applicationclicking here(if you are an Android user), orclicking here(if you are an iPhone user).


We have already mentioned that FuboTV is a great application for those interested in following sporting events, after all, it broadcasts different types of events, be it volleyball, basketball and, of course, hockey. Therefore, we consider FuboTV to be an interesting application for those who want to follow the World Juniors 2024 and other sporting events.

If you want to watch the World Juniors via the official FuboTV app, you can download the app via the Google Play Storeclicking hereor through the App Storeclicking here.

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